Mom pants

A short intro first, since obviously I haven't been going anywhere and it's weird that I suddenly have OOTD's still. haha! I was organizing my photo folders for my Sony Alpha and I encountered these. These photos were taken in the process of giving my room the well deserved makeover (which so far, I haven't actually finished yet coz I haven't been feeling well.. I've been having check ups coz I've been constantly losing weight. it scares the bejeezuz out of me! sana wala akong sakit! :(  ).

As I was rummaging through my stuff that day, I saw these pants. They're actually my mom's when she was younger. Vintage! *goes nuts*.. I go nuts over vintage things. I love the color on it. I decided it could look nice with my United Colors of Benetton see through diamond patterned lace top. I'm wearing a polkadot corset inside. oh, and I'll let you in on a little secret, the lace top is *whispers* thrifted. Yes! I love thrift shopping. Not only is it great for when you are on a tight budget, but most of all, if you buy something there, you're pretty sure you'd rarely stumble upon someone wearing the same thing! *super cheesy smiling face*

If you're wondering about my hair. That's actually a ponytail wig. I love my short hair, but sometimes I feel like tying my hair into a ponytail. And there are outfits wherein a ponytail is necessary to make it complete. So for me, this ponytail wig is the best hair accessory ever!

For accessories, I decided these would go well with the outfit. Black and gold: necklace, ring, vintage watch, bangles from Malaysia. Those black bangles didn't look enough for me so I piled it with my wooden bangles from Indonesia (My absolute fave. I love the hand-painted details.)

P.S. I might be selling some of my clothes online soon. I want to use the money to buy toys for children at an orphanage. Though I'm not sure how to do that before Christmas, I still want to give them gifts..even if it's more possible I'd be able to do that after Christmas. And, I "might" open up an online shop after that. Selling clothes and accessories.

United Colors of Benetton top, Seiko watch, Mags shoes
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Flight of the bumblebee

So the truth is, I'm not really going anywhere today. In fact, I rarely go out. I'm not really much of an "out of the house" type of person. I used to be when I was little, but now I just love staying in my room at home. (which will change some time soon coz I've been job hunting... somebody please give me a job in Singapore.. *puppy dog eyes*)

This outfit post is actually some kind of rest period for me. You see, I've been giving my bedroom a well-deserved makeover. I was going for a retro/vintage theme. I'd be using purple/magenta, yellow green, orange and hot pink, but I'm making sure to balance it out with neutral brown colours.
It's beyond a mess in my room now, and my Audrey Hepburn corner is the only spot that I could use as my background, since everywhere else is chaotic.

Believe it or not, I spent less than 1000 pesos on this look. Accessories: Moustache Like a Sir Ring costs 70 pesos, Necklace costs around 120, and Bangle costs around 200. I have a great tip for buying accessories if you're on a budget and you love them. One word: wholesale! Yes! wholesale! Two things that are great about wholesale. First, you get a lot. Second, you get them at a cheaper price. Win win win! *super cheesy eager face* Then save your money for the more expensive "one of a kind" ones.

As for my clothes, the sweater is vintage. It's my mom's. I asked her if I could have it. You'll be surprised how much cool stuff you can get in your mom's old closet. I love vintage stuff so it's really a treasure box me mum's old closet is. argh ye maties. *giggles at my corniness, if that's even a word*
My leatherette I got for only *drum roll please* 280 pesos! :D I really believe you can look good even with very affordable stuff.

My color scheme today reminded me of my violin I just recently bought. Not because my violin is black and yellow, which it clearly isn't, but because I though of bumblebee. And I haven't been practising playing the violin. How am I supposed to be good at it if I don't practise it? I want to be Flight-of-the-Bumblebee-playing good!


Nail Art Tutorial 01

It's been quite a while since I last did this. I was wondering, "What should I post first?" And I thought, "How about a simple nail art tutorial?" Since a lot of people have asked me to create something for their nails, and I haven't really had the time to do so, a tutorial would be perfect! :) This is a fairly simple nail art to do. If you want that extra something on your nails but you don't have any nail art tools, or you don't have the time to go to a nail art salon, this is the perfect thing to do.

Here's the step-by-step:
1. Choose the colors that you want. For mine I chose a near old rose as my first color and mint as my second color.
2. Cut some tape into thin strips. It really depends on how thick/thin you want the stripes to be.
3. Paint the first color on your nails. Let it dry.
4. Stick on the tape strips. You can opt for vertical stripes or horizontal stripes. You can even do diagonal stripes. Do whatever you like. Have fun with it. :)
5. Paint the second color on your nails. You can let it dry partially first before moving on to the next step.
6. Remove tape strips slowly and carefully.
7. Lastly, coat it. Voila! You're done! :)

Here's what mine looked like:

And here's another example that I did before:

I'm gonna be posting more here from now on; from food you HAVE GOT to try, to nail art and nail art tutorials, my artworks, my noobie (hoping to improve) shots, my personal style photos and insights (you would also start seeing these again at chictopia and lookbook), my song covers/original compositions, my thoughts... to put things simply, i'd be posting anything and everything under the sun that interests me. :)