Things I want to do for/with the one I love

I know it isn't the month of love yet, but I realized that when you're in love, it doesn't have to be February.

So today I'm sharing with you my bucket list of the things I want to do for/with the one I love (some of which we've already done). This list is in no particular order and it actually doesn't end. Every day I would think of something new I would want to do and add it to the list. You should try making one yourself. Trust me it's fun. :)

-movie marathon on a rainy day with lots of comfort food and cuddling on the couch all wrapped up in a blanky
-have couple rings
-travel the world together
-have a food trip. (just go to a street full of food stalls and eat, eat, eat)
-watch the sunset together by the lake
-watch the stars on a building roof top.. stay there until morning to watch the sunrise
-take lots of fun photos together

-wear cute couple sweatshirts :>

-fulfil childhood dreams together
-kissing underneath the pouring rain
-have a coffee shop of our own
-see him waiting for me at the altar and we'd get married in the most beautiful place
-have a pet tiger (have to think about this one a lot first..:DD )
-prepare the biggest most wonderful surprise for him
-cook food together in the kitchen (make a mess and have fun)
-cook for him (coz I don't know how to cook and this would really be special)
-have TWINS!!! :>
-live in a cozy home.. just a simple but happy life
-write songs for him
-taste every kind of cheese (because we absolutely love cheese)
-decorate the Christmas tree during holidays
-kiss him at Times Square on New Year's Eve
-hugging all day. literally. hugging even while walking. :D
-PDA. hihi
-hold his hand
-dance with him
-write love notes and stick them on his office desk so he'd smile than stress over work
-bring him a lunchbox when I know he's too busy at work
-just talk. about the things we want to do, about our childhood, about funny things about us, about anything..
-tell secrets to each other. ones only the two of us know.
-make him breakfast and fix his tie before he goes to work
-watch Formula 1 World Championship together
-let him drag me to a roller coaster ride even if i'm terrified of it
-go help other people. charities. go volunteer for outreach programs together
-make the most awesomest cheesiest pizza together

-have a Harry Potter movie marathon

-go on a roadtrip. and get "a bit" lost. :D
-go hiking. have a picnic on a mountain top.
-sailing on a boat
-have piggy back rides (i'll do my best to carry him :D)
-play in the snow
-play video games
-wash the car together and have a water fight
-watch scary movies and ask him every few minutes what's happening coz i can't open my eyes coz i'm too scared
-spend an entire day just being lazy in bed together
-spoil each other :)

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