Things I want to do for/with the one I love

I know it isn't the month of love yet, but I realized that when you're in love, it doesn't have to be February.

So today I'm sharing with you my bucket list of the things I want to do for/with the one I love (some of which we've already done). This list is in no particular order and it actually doesn't end. Every day I would think of something new I would want to do and add it to the list. You should try making one yourself. Trust me it's fun. :)

-movie marathon on a rainy day with lots of comfort food and cuddling on the couch all wrapped up in a blanky
-have couple rings
-travel the world together
-have a food trip. (just go to a street full of food stalls and eat, eat, eat)
-watch the sunset together by the lake
-watch the stars on a building roof top.. stay there until morning to watch the sunrise
-take lots of fun photos together

-wear cute couple sweatshirts :>

-fulfil childhood dreams together
-kissing underneath the pouring rain
-have a coffee shop of our own
-see him waiting for me at the altar and we'd get married in the most beautiful place
-have a pet tiger (have to think about this one a lot first..:DD )
-prepare the biggest most wonderful surprise for him
-cook food together in the kitchen (make a mess and have fun)
-cook for him (coz I don't know how to cook and this would really be special)
-have TWINS!!! :>
-live in a cozy home.. just a simple but happy life
-write songs for him
-taste every kind of cheese (because we absolutely love cheese)
-decorate the Christmas tree during holidays
-kiss him at Times Square on New Year's Eve
-hugging all day. literally. hugging even while walking. :D
-PDA. hihi
-hold his hand
-dance with him
-write love notes and stick them on his office desk so he'd smile than stress over work
-bring him a lunchbox when I know he's too busy at work
-just talk. about the things we want to do, about our childhood, about funny things about us, about anything..
-tell secrets to each other. ones only the two of us know.
-make him breakfast and fix his tie before he goes to work
-watch Formula 1 World Championship together
-let him drag me to a roller coaster ride even if i'm terrified of it
-go help other people. charities. go volunteer for outreach programs together
-make the most awesomest cheesiest pizza together

-have a Harry Potter movie marathon

-go on a roadtrip. and get "a bit" lost. :D
-go hiking. have a picnic on a mountain top.
-sailing on a boat
-have piggy back rides (i'll do my best to carry him :D)
-play in the snow
-play video games
-wash the car together and have a water fight
-watch scary movies and ask him every few minutes what's happening coz i can't open my eyes coz i'm too scared
-spend an entire day just being lazy in bed together
-spoil each other :)


Transition from short hair to long hair tips

Normally, hair grows about 1.5 centimetres a month. If that's the case, I think maybe I'm abnormal, because my hair grows fast. That's a reason why it's quite hard for me to make my pixie cut stay a pixie cut. It takes effort, but I love short hair. Short hair makes me feel more confident and fun. It also saves me time and effort, especially when I was still studying in the university. I just have to wake up, shower, towel dry my hair, go in front of an electric fan and my hair is dry in 3 minutes tops. I style it by running my fingers through it only, because it looks great messy.

Recently however, I haven't been getting my supposed-to-be every few months trim. So my hair is now in the dreaded transitional stage. At this stage, the hair is neither cute and short, nor is it long. *dun dun dun* I hear most people dread this stage....including myself before I started researching how to go through it. I'm actually just going to grow my hair out up to my shoulders, because I want to try a different hairstyle aside from my normal pixie. I will cut my hair short again after growing it out to a stage where it is not so layered anymore. I promise to post before and after photos after the process! :D

So how do you go through the transition stage?
1. Health. You have to keep your hair healthy. We want to grow out beautiful and shiny hair.
  • Go to the salon to get your regular trim. Yes that sounds weird since the goal is growing out hair, but trust me you need to get regular trims. This is to make sure the ends are healthy and that we're not growing out inches of split ends.
  • You have got to avoid those blowers, hair irons, etcetera, etcetera, for a while. You know they will cause heat damage to your hair. Heat damage at the transition stage is a big no no.
2. Say hello to Mr. Gel and Mrs. Mousse. Instead of looking wild because of your unruly awkward stage hair, why not try looking neat and sleek? Personally I don't really use these, because I have a huge forehead I'm hiding behind all my bangs. haha! :D  But honestly, if I didn't have a forehead that could be used as a table, I would definitely try this! It's a great way to tame those nasty flyaways. It's either mousse, or those bobby pins.

3. Wigs, Clip ons, and the likes. Ok, wigs aren't exactly cheap, especially when they're the great kind. Wigs are great because you can hide your transition hair until they get past that awkward stage. But, if you can't afford the wigs, there are awesome substitutes like hair extensions, clamp on ponytails and clip ons! My personal favorite! Yay! :D Since I don't like showing off my forehead because a helicopter might think it's a helipad, I love using clamp on ponytails like the one I used in my blog post before this. (See "Stars in the Night Sky").

4. Be patient and accept the fact that you have to go through this stage. There is nothing better than accepting the fact and being positive it still. You just have to be a bit patient. Soon enough your hair will grow to the length you like.

5. Use the power of the internet. There are soooooooooo many photos of great hairstyles you could have for your transition hair. Google images is always there for us. :D Here are a few of my favorites:

Medium Bob Hair Styles: Finding the best hair length might not be so easy, however midi cuts come to your help when it comes to mastering the transition from long to short crops. Medium Bob hair styles when paired with the special density of black hair will create a stunning combo. Play up the natural texture of your hair and choose from the infinite designs of classy blunt cuts as well as the softened inverted, layered and even curly designs that are just as fabulous paired with every face sha

Ashlee Simpson

click here for source

My favorite is the one below!!!

I hope these tips help! :)

Stars in the night sky

It's 2013 already! *fireworks* Do you have a new year's resolution list? Have you thought about changes? Did you reminisce about the things that happened in 2012 and the years before that? Time flies by so quickly doesn't it?
I'd like to share with you all this great idea I found so that you'd have lots of fun on New Year's Eve. Have a jar, any jar you could put papers in and you could keep safe. Have papers. I suggest those cute colourful squares. Now, for every memorable thing that happens to you, be it something simple like the day you and your friends had a blast, or the day you received your first salary, to something grand, like the day you got married to the man of your dreams.....write any happy event on the piece of paper. Fold it and drop it in the jar. Eventually you'd be able to fill the jar, unless you decided to hibernate throughout the entire year. Then, on New Year's Eve, open the jar and have fun reading all the happy things that happened to you the past year! :D

As you may have noticed, the things I have blabbered about earlier have absolutely nothing with the photos below. haha! I can explain. You see, I wanted to post New Year photos, but I don't have much photos from New Year's Eve. I was too busy having an absolutely amazing New Year's Eve. (with cupcake. hihi.. ;) )
And, I have no firework photos to post either. Why? because I still haven't go the hang of the BULB setting of my camera, and the firework photos I took stink like a used gym sock that hasn't been washed for a century. haha!

Now onto the photos below I go! :D

For last minute Christmas shopping, I went to the Noel Bazaar 2012 at the PICC Forum Tent. That was December 23, the last day of the Bazaar. It was really amazing when they started giving soooo large a discount for their items, I wasn't expecting it, but realized it's because they have to sell everything, almost everything, already since it's the last day. And you know what that means.....heart pumping shopping action! :D

I bought this black and silver beauty at the bazaar. My size is often XS. I'll tell you a lil secret. This item is an XL. yes, I bought an Extra Large piece of clothing. I just liked it better large, comfy and loose.

I don't have any photos with shoes for this comfy casual outfit. But normally, since I am a small 5 foot girl, I would wear platform wedges. However, if I know my feet would die, like go somewhere that requires a lot of walking, then I would totally just go with my flats. Some people think flats are boring, but they don't have to be. You could still make a statement with them. Think metallic, like silver, which I would totally wear with this outfit. You could also think neon for that amazing pop of colour. 

Oh! and I almost forgot. Soon I'll be reposting "50 Things You Should Give Up" to start of your year right. This is to give the right things a chance to catch you. Here are the first 5:

1 Give up trying to be perfect. – The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists, it rewards people who get things done.  Read Getting Things Done.
2 Give up comparing yourself to others. – The only person you are competing against is yourself.
3 Give up dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future. – Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you.  Right now is life.  Don’t miss it.
4 Give up complaining. – Do something about it.
5 Give up holding grudges. – Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.

Levi's Shorts.
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