I am in love with a tiger

Happy Valentine's Day! I must say that vday really didn't mean much to me before. I only saw how great it is when I met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I want to share with you some not so typical ideas with you on what you can do on valentine's day:

  • have a movie marathon of films you both hate. you'd hate the movie so much that you'd be able to take your eyes away from the tv and cuddle and kiss and do whatever you want together on the couch. wait, maybe I should have just said "cuddle on the couch"
  • cook or bake with your special someone. the food doesn't have to taste great. just have fun in the kitchen.
  • have a food trip. you can even have an eating contest if you like.
  • have those dice that have "body parts" and "what to do" on them. like "kiss" uhmmmm... "cheeks". PG-15 on my blog. :D
  • write on a lot of sticky notes and place them somewhere you know your partner would see. surprise! cuteness everywhere! :D
  • play video games. sitting on his lap is optional.
  • have a road trip. go to places you both have never been before but want to go to.
  • stay in bed. it's fun to be lazy in bed all day.
  • you can also do what I do. sing for your special someone. know what you can do to make it sweeter? call him into the room and when he opens the door, you're all geared up with your guitar..give a sweet smile and start singing. or..do other things. be creative.
  • remind each other how much you both love each other. material gifts are great, but trust me, this is way better. you can even make a love letter
  • go do public display of affection. then tell everyone you're doing your own music video of John Legend's song and start singing "let's go to the park. I wanna kiss you underneath the stars. maybe we'll go to far, we just don't care, we just don't care." :))

what I am wearing: all vintage. Hitomi tiger sweatshirt. Porsche mom pants that I DIYed into a skirt. Pineapple boots. Prada knapsack.

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