Abbey Line

Funny thing about about this photo, I wanted a Beatles Abbey Road like shot, but couldn't find a pedestrian  that isn't crowded. So I ended up having Abbey Line. lol.

These days, something about flats attract me. I've worn my black flats so much that I just had to buy more. The golden flats I found is a real treasure. It's simple yet it has that extra something. Plus I love using gold to go with my galaxy print top.

my mama and her man of steel

my brother who abhors getting his photo taken

fathers' day card I gave to my papa

for the outfit:
Galaxy Print Crop Top - Mags
Skinny Jeans - Penshoppe
Golden Flats (my new fave!) - Trendyflats (a store I luckily found in Pampanga. will blog about it soon! plus photos of some of my favorites)

toodles for now! xo ~Janine