Shine bright like a diamond

Just recently, I realized that I'm in a style phase wherein I am loving basic articles with that extra something. For example, this top I'm wearing is a black V-neck but it's weaved with silver. Under the sunlight I really do shine like a diamond. And yes, it is beyond hard not to notice the shining shimmering splendor of it. I gotta stay out of highways and roads though because I might cause a car accident. haha. I am currently hoarding stuff like this. lol.
The outfit I'm wearing is my effort to cope up with the ever bipolar weather we're having these past few weeks here. It's been veeeery hot in the morning then one moment it starts raining hard, and I mean thunderstorm hard. So I opted for long sleeves, shorts (to avoid wet pants), and waterproof shoes.

A brief summary of what's coming up here on my blog: (1) My favorites from Resorts 2014 [and may I say I fashiorgasmed (yes I know that's not a word but I'm using it still anyway. haha) when I saw Stella McCartney's collection] (2) DIY Kimonos (3) Blogs I seriously stalk (4) DIY Nail arts

Black and Silver V-neck - Generous
Silver watch - Air Force (dad's)
Shorts - Levi's
Bag - Zara

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