Last April 27, 2013, I graduated from the University of the Philippines with a bachelor's degree in Food Technology. I now work as a Quality Assurance Analyst for one of the subsidiaries of a leading Taiwanese food company.

I'd like to share with you a few things I've learned going through college. First is that time really goes by so quickly. 4 years went by before I could even say "Happy Graduation!". There are so many things I wish I could've done differently. Like wishing I took this and that subject more seriously, and thinking maybe if I studied harder, could I have graduated a Summa Cum Laude? So, I'd like to say that you should never ever take a second for granted. Make every second of your life count, because life goes by so quickly, there's no room for regrets. Second, not all "friends" you gain are real friends. Some of them are just there for a period of time, only when they need you, so you've got to be careful. Choose your friends wisely. If they love you because they need you, get rid of them. If they need you because they love you, keep them. Third, you don't need to be someone else to fit in. Back in highschool, there's so much fuss about being popular, but that won't matter when you grow older. Stay true to yourself. Find confidence in who you are and it will take you so many places. That's what you really need in life to be successful and happy. 

 Our graduation attire, instead of a toga, is an ecru/beige colored dress for girls and "barong" for guys. I decided I'd wear a vintage dress that's a few inches above the knee in length. I already bought it, only to find out later that we're supposed to wear a dress that reaches midcalf or longer. So, to fix it, I had a sheer skirt custom made to wrap around my short dress and voila! *Mary Jane Platforms from Zanea at Robinsons Mall Lipa.

For accessories, I toned it down to a minimum but used ones that would stand out. I decided to stick with gold accessories to compliment my ecru colored outfit.

Funny how my hand looks like an owl with the bangle. lol!

Here are a few photos of me with my friends before the graduation ceremony which took ages to finish.

toodles for now! x Janine

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