Happy Pill on a gloomy day

It's such a gloomy weather out today. There's a storm and I can't really go outside. For some reason (maybe PMS) I felt so ugly today. So my honey bunny kept on comforting me and telling me I'm pretty.
He said I look like an angel and "(nv) your eyes.. they are the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen.. I see your soul in them.. i see heaven. your nose.. I love love rubbing it and wiping your sniffles away when you cry.. your lips.. perfect lips.. most adorable lips when you pout and when you smile.." 

I feel so lucky having him in my life.

PS. I'm sorry for the lack of photos. I promise to make up for it next time!

Dress - vintage, thrifted
Audrey Hepburn chain watch - Artista Los Banos

And because it's sunday and it's raining, I'd like to share with you the song I sang to my honey bunny.

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