when the weather is either wet or wetter

This is what I wore to take out my boyfriend today. He's been having so much stress at work and so I wanted to do something for him to unwind. I took him out. You must be wondering HOW? when he's in New York and I'm all the way here in the Philippines. Truth is we always pretend we're not apart and while I was eating at the restaurant (Bigg's Diner), I took photos of the food and showed it to him. It's like he's there with me. :)

Storm's a brewin' here again as usual. The weather's being a pain in the buttocks. I came up with my personal guidelines when the weather is being either wet or wetter:
1. Warm sweater/top
2. Water proof jacket and bag. Bag should fit your foldable umbrella.
3. Wind proof hairstyle (in this case, a messy top knot)
4. Shorts or a comfy skirt. It may sound weird to suggest shorts/skirt on a cold day, but trust me when I say you don't want wet pants.
5. Water proof shoes. The kind which you can wash easily when you get home.

P.S. The baroque hype seemed like ages ago, I know. Unsurprisingly, I also bought this skirt ages ago. I realized only now that I always wear everything late. It could be because I don't like going out and seeing someone else wearing what I'm wearing. It's my weirdness. :D

Meet my new iPhone case! I named her minimi, simply because she's a mini me, haha. Funny thing is, the iPhone isn't mine. I bought it for my boyfriend since he said his phone is broken. Not to worry though, he said he's ok with the girly casing as long as it looks like me :> Don't tell him it comes with a vanity mirror though. haha! :D

Black and gold sweater - thrifted
leather jacket - thrifted
skirt - random
vintage satchel - thrifted
(yes i'm becoming the thrift queen. haha)
white gold flats - Trendyflats

toodles for now! xoxo ~ Janine

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