Flight of the bumblebee

So the truth is, I'm not really going anywhere today. In fact, I rarely go out. I'm not really much of an "out of the house" type of person. I used to be when I was little, but now I just love staying in my room at home. (which will change some time soon coz I've been job hunting... somebody please give me a job in Singapore.. *puppy dog eyes*)

This outfit post is actually some kind of rest period for me. You see, I've been giving my bedroom a well-deserved makeover. I was going for a retro/vintage theme. I'd be using purple/magenta, yellow green, orange and hot pink, but I'm making sure to balance it out with neutral brown colours.
It's beyond a mess in my room now, and my Audrey Hepburn corner is the only spot that I could use as my background, since everywhere else is chaotic.

Believe it or not, I spent less than 1000 pesos on this look. Accessories: Moustache Like a Sir Ring costs 70 pesos, Necklace costs around 120, and Bangle costs around 200. I have a great tip for buying accessories if you're on a budget and you love them. One word: wholesale! Yes! wholesale! Two things that are great about wholesale. First, you get a lot. Second, you get them at a cheaper price. Win win win! *super cheesy eager face* Then save your money for the more expensive "one of a kind" ones.

As for my clothes, the sweater is vintage. It's my mom's. I asked her if I could have it. You'll be surprised how much cool stuff you can get in your mom's old closet. I love vintage stuff so it's really a treasure box me mum's old closet is. argh ye maties. *giggles at my corniness, if that's even a word*
My leatherette I got for only *drum roll please* 280 pesos! :D I really believe you can look good even with very affordable stuff.

My color scheme today reminded me of my violin I just recently bought. Not because my violin is black and yellow, which it clearly isn't, but because I though of bumblebee. And I haven't been practising playing the violin. How am I supposed to be good at it if I don't practise it? I want to be Flight-of-the-Bumblebee-playing good!

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