Mom pants

A short intro first, since obviously I haven't been going anywhere and it's weird that I suddenly have OOTD's still. haha! I was organizing my photo folders for my Sony Alpha and I encountered these. These photos were taken in the process of giving my room the well deserved makeover (which so far, I haven't actually finished yet coz I haven't been feeling well.. I've been having check ups coz I've been constantly losing weight. it scares the bejeezuz out of me! sana wala akong sakit! :(  ).

As I was rummaging through my stuff that day, I saw these pants. They're actually my mom's when she was younger. Vintage! *goes nuts*.. I go nuts over vintage things. I love the color on it. I decided it could look nice with my United Colors of Benetton see through diamond patterned lace top. I'm wearing a polkadot corset inside. oh, and I'll let you in on a little secret, the lace top is *whispers* thrifted. Yes! I love thrift shopping. Not only is it great for when you are on a tight budget, but most of all, if you buy something there, you're pretty sure you'd rarely stumble upon someone wearing the same thing! *super cheesy smiling face*

If you're wondering about my hair. That's actually a ponytail wig. I love my short hair, but sometimes I feel like tying my hair into a ponytail. And there are outfits wherein a ponytail is necessary to make it complete. So for me, this ponytail wig is the best hair accessory ever!

For accessories, I decided these would go well with the outfit. Black and gold: necklace, ring, vintage watch, bangles from Malaysia. Those black bangles didn't look enough for me so I piled it with my wooden bangles from Indonesia (My absolute fave. I love the hand-painted details.)

P.S. I might be selling some of my clothes online soon. I want to use the money to buy toys for children at an orphanage. Though I'm not sure how to do that before Christmas, I still want to give them gifts..even if it's more possible I'd be able to do that after Christmas. And, I "might" open up an online shop after that. Selling clothes and accessories.

United Colors of Benetton top, Seiko watch, Mags shoes
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